Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

We can use our laser to treat apthous ulcers also know as canker sores or fever blisters in about one to two minuets.  The laser has an anti-bacterial effect and offers dramatic, almost instant relief.  It is recommended to get treated as soon as you first get the sore, if you catch it early, the laser may prevent if from becoming a full-fledged ulcer.

Recent studies show that 63% of patients reported faster healing and 50% said they experienced no recurrence with in the next six months.  Those who did get new ulcers said they were less severe. 

Benefits of Laser Treatment

*Promotes faster healing

*Pain relief is immediate and profound

*Stops progression of ulcer

*Only takes a few minuets

*No anesthesia

*Sores reoccur with less intensity and frequency at the same time

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